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Fun for the whole family

TAd Marine Resort (TMR) offers a variety of exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. This includes water sports like fishing, kayaking and swimming, as well as scuba diving and island hopping. Among our most popular activities are snorkeling trips and jungle trekking. To snorkel, you can choose from the waters of a nearby pier, or those of Pulau Lima which is just fifteen minutes away.

For a jungle trek, just follow the path behind our resort to a waterfall with a small lagoon, hidden deep within the rainforest. The trek itself will take you around 1 Hour and 30 minutes, but don’t worry, our experienced staff will help guide you there. Other fun-filled activities at TMR include a trip into the mangrove forest, beach soccer and volleyball, as well as indoor games.

Kindly view our activities list at here. 

Snorkeling Trips

Kayaking / Canoe

Jungle Trekking

A Diver’s Paradise

The turquoise waters surrounding Pulau Tinggi are nothing short of a diver’s paradise, offering excellent snorkeling and scuba diving sites (see map)


As a protected Marine Park, Pulau Tinggi and its coral reefs are teeming with exotic marine life. Thanks to the crystal clear waters, divers have been able to spot a rare dugong species, grazing on beds of sea grass; sea horses; as well as a variety of fish, like the manta ray, sweet lips, grouper, parrot fish, yellow tail, king fish, pacific gregory and damsel fish.

For interested divers, please call 03-80239009 for further information.

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